About Us


This knowledge hub is an initiative of CSOs in Kenya working in the area of GBV/HIV. The CSOs are engaged in research, policy and service delivery initiatives that recognize the nexus between GBV and HIV. Development of the hub has also been through guidance and support from the Task Force on the Implementation of the Sexual Offences Act and the National Gender and Equality Commission.


The hub seeks to strengthen integration of GBV and HIV at the policy and service delivery levels. It is an interactive platform that supports sharing of responses, lessons learnt, best practices, and emerging evidence in GBV/HIV responses in Kenya. Through this platform programmers, researchers, donors, students and academicians dialogue on various issues with the aim of building a forum that strengthens national response towards GBV and HIV.


The knowledge hub resources have been identified to address the linkages between GBV and HIV. The key themes spanned are health, legal, security and community. Across the thematic areas, the resources are unified by the thread of research, policy and practice that runs through. The resources approach GBV and HIV as integrated subjects and foreground experiences that have informed interventions.

Diversity and vulnerability

Vulnerabilities and impact are heightened among women and girls, and men and boys who are excluded within communities and social cohorts.  People living with disability and youth encounter aggravated GBV and HIV risk situations. The hub welcomes the participation of individuals and partners serving such key populations to engage in discussion forums and contribute towards the development of reliable interventions.